About Us

Who we are

At SYNETIC, we have brought together a group of young entrepreneurial enthusiasts who passionately and eagerly devote their skillfulness and expertize to our clients to help them grow their business. This multidisciplinary team consists of highly skilled Web and graphic designers, Web developers, marketing and finance specialists and communication and media experts.

Our team is well versed in utilizing the power of the Internet and developing innovative Web solutions the performance of which falls nothing short of cutting-edge design, branding and marketing.

We love challenges. Share yours with us and we’ll help you meet it!

What we do

Ever since our founding, we develop software solutions and provide related services to help our clients generate revenue streams, facilitate communication channels and streamline business operations. We value our customers’ trust in us and respect the time and effort they invested in developing their business. For that reason, our solutions are tailored to meet our customers’ needs and budget expectations.

We offer our customers a full package: from project management, over web solutions development to branding. We handle any service from requirements definition and specification, over coding and testing to product maintenance. Each case is examined with the utmost care and dedication in order to analyze and understand client’s specific needs and requirements in order to find the optimal solution for them.

All project activities are closely supervised and tested in every stage of their development. Our expert team members take client through each development phase, step by step

Our clients are our partners – success of one is reflected on the other. We work together to grow together.


Expert areas

Our customers are given more than the mere provision of services. We offer you connection, long-term cooperation and fairness in following:

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Web Design



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